World Heritage site is the term given by UNESCO to places and objects which are of universal value, unique in the world and of importance to humanity as a whole. Inclusion on the list of such sites is designed to protect these treasures for future generations so that they can continue to appreciate them in future.Currently there are 936 sites, 37 of which are in France.

We’re hoping that Champagne with its hillside vineyards, its champagne houses and its cellars could become a World Heritage site in the near future.

It the autumn of 2012 an association representing the Champagne region made an official bid to the French Heritage Committee requesting that the vineyards, cellars and champagne houses be granted World Heritage status. If granted, the region and all its many parts could enjoy World Heritage status as early as July 2015The vineyards, the cellars and the champagne houses are presented in the application as the birthplace of champagne and the hub from which champagne, the world’s leading sparkling wine, is exported all over the world. Receiving World Heritage status would be a powerful incentive at both local and international level for even greater efforts to confirm champagne’s leadership position. Five other wine-making regions have already been recognised in this way: the ancient fief of Saint-Emilion, the valley of the Upper Douro in Portugal, the Tokay vineyards in Hungary, Lavaux in Switzerland and l’Ile de Pico in the Azores.

Champagne has become universally known thanks to the wonderfully imagery it evokes.Since 18th century when it lent a sparkle to the royal courts of Europe, to the present day when it is enjoyed by almost everyone, champagne, born of poor quality soil in a region that has been ravaged by war times without number, like no other product is eternally linked with celebration, with happy times and with the French ‘art de vivre’.

Moulded by its precious vines, the slopes and valleys of Champagne afford some truly magnificent panoramas and we sincerely hope that recognition as a World Heritage site will persuade you not to postpone your visit a moment longer.